Are you receiving push notifications from Escribo Play? This is how we keep families and schools well informed of new features, latest content and game updates! Check out this mini guide and turn on notifications on your Android or iOS device.


Under Settings, tap Notifications and, in the right column, tap Escribo Play.

Leave on the Allow Notifications, Sounds and Badges buttons, as well as the Alerts options. This way, you activate sound alerts and visual notifications.


In Settings, tap Apps & notifications and then App info. On the next screen, select the Escribo Play app.

In App notifications, enable all the options for Escribo Play notifications, just as you see in the image above.

Starting on the main screen, you can also reach that page by touching and holding the Escribo Play icon, then selecting App info and App notifications. As in the previous method, activate all the notifications options.

Easy, isn’t it? If you have any questions, just contact us via [email protected], via our contact form, +55-81-98102-4774 or via WhatsApp. And speaking of notifications, subscribe to our Blog and receive our content first hand. See you!